The Reading Experience: Like it Long or Short?

My first novel was a time travel romance of about 80,000 words. The editor who bought it requested I add 20,000 more words to the story. What a challenge! But many readers want that 400 page, 100,000 word experience, and feel cheated by anything less.

And then there are readers who want to grab a quick, short story on the go. A novella may suit the bill, something to tuck in their purse or download for a read during the lunch hour.

I personally enjoy all lengths at different times. I loved ready Cindy Green’s short story “Snow Kissed” for a break at work, and also loved spending hours upon hours with Diana Gabaldon’s "Outlander" series. I enjoy an inspirational category-length romance as much as I do re-reading "Gone With The Wind."

So what are your preferences? Do you love the long novel with one or more sub-plots? Or do you find sub-plots distracting? Do you love the quick read that satisfies with minimal time investment, or do you find them lacking depth?


  1. I like longer stories if they are the traditional "print" versions. However if I'm reading the story on my computer shorter stories, that I can read in one sitting, are my preference.

    So like you, I enjoy different lengths.

  2. Good point! I could never read 1000 page books on screen. LOL

  3. In my life B.C. (Before Children) I loved long reads and big, thick books. Years of constant interruptions have ruined my attention span, I think. I prefer shorter works now.

  4. I love to read - anything, anywhere, any length LOL!

  5. Hi Robin! I read all lengths (print & ebook), but find I do prefer the shorter lengths these days. With my busy schedule, that is sometimes all I have time for. LOL!