Happy Mother's Day!!

I pray that each wonderful mother who reads this has a blessed Mother's Day filled with love, laughter, and hugs.

In digging through some old paperwork, I found this poem I wrote for my youngest daughter when she became a mother. I hope you enjoy it.


Moments in Time, I Remember

Ten little fingers,
And ten little toes,
A little cherub face,
With a little scabbed nose!

Always a blanket,
You kept at your side,
I bought you a new one,
When at daycare you cried!

Climbing the apple tree,
Against Mommy's rule,
Your dog bit your savior,
Now that wasn't cool!

From pierced ears to braces,
Your dimples stayed true,
From playing the flute,
To track running, too!

Riding the unicycle,
On hot summer days,
Keeping us laughing,
With your funny ways!

High school and homecoming,
Wrecking the car,
Blue jeans and prom dresses,
Following your star.

Graduation and modeling,
"Borrowing" my clothes,
From baby to woman,
How fast the time goes!

"Mom will you make me,
A white satin gown?"
"Pearls and lace,
And a veil for my crown?"

These things I remember,
And memories hold dear,
Smiling, and laughing,
And shedding a tear.

And now, you're a mother,
A new page begins,
In the circle of life,
Mother, daughter, friends!


I raised eight children, four of them were my stepchildren, but they are just as dear to my heart as those I birthed. I can relate to Hope's love for her four-year-old stepson in JOSHUA'S HOPE. If you haven't yet read this book, why not treat yourself to a special mother's day present? And, while you're at it, browse all the wonderful selections of inspirational romance by my fellow authors at White Rose Publishing!


  1. Beautiful poem. Thank you. Happy mother's day. Your blending family is very blessed to have you as a mother.

  2. Beautiful sentiments here, Carol. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. What a lovely poem.

    Hope EVERYONE had a Blessed & Happy Mother's Day!