An interesting quote...

Recently, my family and I went on vacation to Washington D.C.. There were some many wonderful tidbits from our past and present to glean from in the Smithsonian museums!

Above is a photo of a quote I found from Alexander Graham Bell. Isn't this thought provoking?

While I agree with Mr. Bell 100%, I sometimes I wonder if we need to shut our eyes more to really "listen." Listen to God.

For example, when we returned home, I needed to trim my youngest son's hair. He wasn't thrilled at this prospect since he thought the hair, which was rubbing against his eyelids, was just about the perfect length. Needless to say, my husband and I held a different opinion. After the trim, my son promptly went into the bathroom and declared himself unfit for the public to see him.

Then it hit me. What would it be like if for even just for a few moments we stopped considering our outward appearance and considered what our hearts looked like? After all the Bible says man looks on the outside, but God looks and judges what's in our hearts. How different my life would look if I considered this more often. I can carry all kinds of ugly things in my heart and not concern myself because "others" won't see that. But you know what, they will in time because Scripture also says that out of the overflow of our hearts, actions follow. Even more importantly though, God sees this all the time.

Want to be beautiful? Check your heart.


  1. JoAnn, this reminds me of a line from a Jars of Clay song that asks God to make us over into something beautiful - "I guess I let myself believe that the outside might just bleed its way in."