Return to Orchard Hill

Good news for fans of Orchard Hill! There's a new short story, set in Orchard Hill to be released on June 11. 

Readers first met Susan Schmidt in Entertaining Angel. In that story she played the villain, trying to keep Jeff and Angel apart.  To be fair Susan was dating Jeff when Angel bounced into his life.  But my long time friend, and usually my first reader, protested that Susan was 'just too mean.'  So I wrote a new story with Susan as the star.  In Susan's 4th of July Fireworks you'll find out what makes Susan tick and why she was less than pleasant to Angel.  In fact, there might even be an apology in there.

Here's what Susan's story is all about:
Pansy and Misty brought a lot of couples together in Orchard Hill but not everyone needs their help.  Cal Wensloff has moved back home to Orchard Hill and Susan Schmidt discovers that the crush she had on him in high school is alive and well.  The amazing part is that Cal seems to be interested in her, too.  But when her father forbids her to see him and a rival sets her sites on Cal, Susan has to make some hard choices.  The Fourth of July is coming up and Susan is playing Snow White to Cal's Prince Charming in the Orchard Hill parade.  One way or another, there'll be fireworks for Susan!

If you haven't met Susan or visited Orchard Hill, you can find more information on the series on my website.  I have story blurbs, excerpts and even a few free stories.  Please stop by.

And stop by our blog again next Monday.  I'll be giving a sneak peek of Susan's 4th of July Fireworks.