Can Inspirational Romance Serve a Dual Purpose?

Over the past few posts, we've been talking about infusing God into your work. I think this is a great time to iterate that--at least with White Rose Publishing titles--we want our work to serve a dual purpose. We want to entertain, of course, but we also want to glorify the Lord through that entertainment, and touch readers' heart. As inspy authors, we have to recognize first that He is the source of our talent. He is the source of our plot inspirations. Sure, the conversation we had with the stranger at the grocery store may have been the catalyst for that romantic suspense plot, but ultimately, He put us at the grocery store at just the right time to run into that stranger and have that conversation.

I'd have to say that currently, my favourite music band is Kutless (does it sound as though I'm off-topic? Hang in there; there is a point. :)). This group of guys is talented. The lead singer has a set of pipes that won't quit (even live and unmixed, I might add), and the songs they record tell wonderful stories of faith, hope and love.

This Christmas, we bought our daughter Kutless's latest release, It is Well (OK, we said it was for her) and the songs are beautiful. Well, I popped over to Kutless's website to look up the title of a song on a different album (because it was going to take too much time to walk into the other room and look at the actual jewel case), and I found this video of the guys talking about their experience while recording It is Well. It really illustrates what Jamie & I have been trying to convey about God having to be a personal influence in the life of an inspy author, and not just "someone" that's plugged in to make a story fit a Christian audience. But it also illustrates something that I also think is vital: the realization that when we do something for Him, we get infinitely more back--more time, more inspiration, more faith, more success, and a greater ability to touch others with that talent He's entrusted to us.

Below, I've embedded said video, but I couldn't close this post without giving you a link to a video of my fav (if I have to pick just one) track on It is Well. It's the song entitled, What Faith Can Do. You may not fancy Kutless's style of music, but even if that's the case, check them out and read some of their lyrics. If you can do with words and ink what they can do with lyrics and instruments, you will touch readers' hearts as you entertain them with your story.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Nicola. I am a big Christian music fan. My favorite band is Third Day and I'm going to see them next month at the Rodeo! I like what the kids (LOL) from Kutless had to say about their music being worship and the prayers that birth their songs. In the same way, Christian fiction is a form of worship. When we write, it's our offering to God.

  2. Ooh! I like Third Day, also. I bet it's going to be a great show.

    ...I know, they are wise to be so young, huh? :)

    I totally agree w/ you.