Thank God for Small Mercies

So, I hurt my back on Monday and am still bedridden. The chiropractor has done wonders, and, although, I still can't sit properly, I am much better and continue to recover. (Thanks so much to those of you who emailed to let me know you are praying. I know those prayers are doing me a world of good and I appreciate it.) But I can tell you, on Tuesday, when I couldn't move an inch without pain, I didn't have such a positive outlook. Wah-wah! Today, though, as I was sloooowwwly making my way to the kitchen, I realized what a blessing all the small things in life are. You know, there are those biggies we always recognize--friends, family, associates (my dh took two days off work just to look after me.)--but there are also those small blessings--being able to enjoy a glass of water (and to lift your arm to get down the glass), or being able to turn the tap on the shower or being able to bend enough to put on your own socks. So many little daily tasks that we don't even think about most of the time, yet we are blessed to be able to do them. After all, there are people in the world who are not able to do so. They are blessed in other ways, I'm sure, but everything we are given--pain and suffering included--is a blessing to be treasured.


  1. Nicola! Feel better soon!! There is NO pain like back pain. Praying for fast, thorough healing and comfort! You're so right though - we take SO much for granted - especially good health. God bless! Marianne

  2. Thanks, Marianne. I appreciate it.