New Releases! Lethal Lasagna & Shilo

This week, we have two releases...A novel by seasoned, award-winning author, Rhonda Gibson, entitled Lethal Lasagna, and a great quick-read by Kathie Harrington that touches on autism.

When Claire Parker’s best friend Mitzi is found dead, and Claire turns out to be the prime suspect, she takes matters into her own hands to find the murderer. Tracing Mitzi's steps, Claire meets new friends and a handsome man who may turn out to be the love of her life or Mitzi's murderer.

As the evidence piles up, Claire discovers the murderer is willing to strike again.

Can she find the killer before she becomes the next victim?

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Holly Holder is 27 years old and has never dated; not because she hasn't wanted to but because Holly's social skills are awkward and communication is difficult. Holly is a young adult with autism. She has been autistic all of her life but she is experiencing independence in her living arrangements and a new freedom in her emotions. Those emotions center on Hal, whom she has discovered at church every Sunday from Easter through the beautiful Iowa fall.

With a golden opportunity to sit by Hal will Holly have the courage? Will Holly say the right things and will she find Hal in step with her skills and characteristics and how will he respond? Love is never a given. Love is never made for just those perfect few. Love is meant for everyone and everyone is smiling.

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