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Come this fall, we're going to launch our debut serial novella, Once Upon a Collar, which will be an exclusive read that only members of the White Rose Publishing readers' loop will receive. In addition, we're periodically going to release some free micro-reads to the loop (These will not be available in our regular catalogue). These free stories are our way of saying thanks for supporting White Rose Publishing. There is no catch; they are completely free...but, you do have to be a member of the White Rose readers' group in order to gain access to the stories.

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Click to join WhiteRosePublishing

Want a hint at what's coming, here's some info on a couple of upcoming free reads:

Sparks Still Fly by Ashley Ludwig (micro-read)

After a chance meeting, Wendy re-friends her first love.
Twenty years, a failed marriage, and two children later, she can’t believe he really wants to pick up where they left off.
When they see each other again, will he dash her hopes to embers? or will sparks still fly?

Once Upon a Collar by Teri Wilson (serialized novella)

Whenever Emilie Bonner meets a man, she can’t help but imagine what he would look like on top of a wedding cake. Since she spends most of her waking hours designing wedding cake toppers, it’s somewhat of an occupational hazard.
Somewhere along the way--perhaps after the first two hundred or so--hand-crafted bridegrooms, Emilie begins to doubt she’ll ever find her own happily-ever-after.

Then, after a mysterious encounter with a woman who could be an angel, Emilie meets a handsome stranger at the dog park. At first, it seems as though Matt, with his big dopey dog and irrepressible charm, is the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for. Not only is he a sweetheart, but he’d look great on top of a wedding cake.

Soon, however, she discovers something about him that changes everything and leaves her wondering…does God believe in fairy tales?


  1. This is so cool. I love our publisher. Squeee!

  2. Thanks, Kara.

    And we love our authors, Ashley :)