Holy Week: Thursday

This evening marks the beginning of the holiest three days of the year: The Easter Triduum. Today, Jesus reveals Himself as the Passover Lamb. Our King of Kings shows us lowliness and humility, not just by His impending sacrifice, but by stooping to wash the disciples’ feet. He becomes both priest and servant, both King and Sacrifice.

While Jesus’ example here is meant in a special way for His immediate successors—the Apostles and the clergy who follow through the ages to lead His church—His example shows all mankind how we are to be. By His grace and sacrifice we are grafted as sons and daughters into His kingship. We are royalty of the highest lineage. But we are not to lord our status, our station as Christians over others. We are to become servants; to fulfill the needs of others, to help bring the lost or floundering to Christ to be washed clean, to place ourselves at the foot in service rather than elevating ourselves to the head. It is an awesome responsibility, and one that can be fulfilled only by stepping in the footsteps of Jesus and following his lead.

Let’s pray: Lord, help me to remain humble in service to You and to others. Help me always to remember Your example so that I might also lead by showing the world a spirit of charity; and even when I am in the shadow of impending hardship and pain, allow me the grace to put others’ needs before my own.


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