Congrats! to Sandy Nadeau.

Help us to welcome Sandy Nadeau to the Pelican Book Group family. 
Her debut release, Red Gold, is available today.


Sandy Nadeau loves to go on adventures and equally loves to write about them. Four-wheeling in the back country of Colorado with her husband of 37 years, is where she'd always rather be. They live in the beautiful foothills surrounded by pines, elk, deer, fox, bear and the occasional mountain lion. She loves to share adventures and her love for God and His creation. Sandy is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers. Her blog contains more of the adventures of her life.


Mandy Phillips loves life with her husband running an adventure ranch in the Colorado mountains, but when Mr.

Is Shonee just being a difficult neighbor, or is something more sinister going on? A discovery on the property of Colorado's state mineral leads to more mysteries for the ranch, and then a teenage guest finds herself thrust head first into danger.

Mandy will have to rescue her, but who will rescue Mandy? Her faith in God is her only source to keep the guests safe, solve the mysteries surrounding her ranch, save her neighbor from himself, and discover the secrets of the Red Gold.

Shonee, their crotchety old neighbor, tries to stop them from building a kid-size old west town their dreams of expansion are crushed.

Pick up your copy of RED GOLD today. Available in eBook and paperback.


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