Write the Vision ~ Wednesday

What is the best way to go about writing Christian fiction? There are many guides out there and many ways to hone your skills, but a bullet list for the Christian writer is found in I Thessalonians 5:17-22. It’s concise, to the point, and easy to follow.

Pray without ceasing
For any writing endeavor, writing what is God’s will from a Christian perspective is necessary. Have you ever noticed how many little distractions come along? Pray. Pray for inspiration, encouragement, and pray to write what is needed on that page.

In everything give thanks
You may dread critique groups but remember the verse about iron sharpens iron? A true partner may say something that’s hard to hear. But better a critique partner than a reader, right? I always think of The Fellowship of the Ring where Bilbo accuses Gandalf of trying to steal the ring of power. And Gandalf answers, “I’m not trying to rob you. I’m trying to help you.” You friends and partners are the same, they’re not trying to take away part of your creativity, they’re trying to help you write the best you can.

Quench not the Spirit
Plotter or pantser—you have to know to write when the Spirit moves you.

Despise not prophecyings
Often we shy away from writing about Spiritual gifts – don’t

Prove all things
Also know as Suspending Disbelief. A character can do anything a story can go anywhere but you have to build up to that point. You have to prove to the reader, sure there are eight seconds on this bomb and my hero can diffuse it. And you do so by showing early on he’s had weapons training, etc. Don’t use the “Bill and Ted Effect.” You can’t put in a solution magically. (For example “Remember when we get back to the future we need to put mom’s keys in my pocket.”)

Hold fast to that which is good.
Why do we write? To create inspirational fiction that helps others. Granted just because your character is a Christian doesn’t make them perfect, but “Holding fast to good” should be the goal.

Abstain from all appearance of evil.
If your character is a Christian they need to act like Christians and if they’re not, they need to be moving toward that conversion experience. This is also can be a major point of conflict, as in Joseph’s life while he didn’t do anything with Potipher’s wife he couldn’t prove it. But this is often an excellent starting point for a story or a way to further the plot.

May God guide you in each and every word you write and remember “Faithful is He that calleth you.”

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you


  1. not to mention having a very good reason for using the word snuck and an even better reason to get away with it ;-)

    great post Lisa :)

  2. This article should be sent out to every Christian writer. Sometimes, it is so easy to get caught up in writing a good story and forget we are writing for His glory. Absolutely great advice. I loved every point and will be printing this out and taping it to my desk top. Thank you for your advice!