Thursday's Tips: Pray

Christian writers have an advantage: prayer. 

And yes, we should pray for our own writing, for direction, for open doors. We can pray for the right connections while remembering to serve as we network. 

Here are a few more suggestions for your prayer list this National Day of Prayer (and beyond):

* Pray for Christian publishing. Editors, agents, publishers, publishing boards, reviewers, publicity and marketing specialists could all use prayer to help get the message of hope in God into the hands of readers. 

* Pray for fellow writers. Great thing about the kingdom of God (including His family here on earth) is that we are not in competition. There aren’t a limited number of spaces; there’s room for everyone. Each of us has a specific calling. So, lift up your fellow writers, asking God to give them favor and insights, wisdom and breakthroughs. Their breakthrough is yours too. 

* Pray for readers. Truly, this shouldn’t be last on the list. As you’re writing, pray for your reader. Pray you’d pen the words that will minister to someone else. Isn’t that the ideal use of your calling in the hands of God? Pray readers’ hearts would be open and attentive to the Holy Spirit’s nudging. Pray that God would touch readers while they read Christian fiction. Jesus used story to change lives. And isn’t that what we’re doing? 

Dear wordsmith, this National Day of Prayer, don’t miss the opportunity to join with millions of people who are praying to the God who created the world with words. And know that the Pelican staff prays for you.


  1. Fabulous post, Annette!!! I can only add a heartfelt "AMEN!" :-) Blessings!!

  2. If people truly knew the power of prayer, it would change their life. They would use prayer more than for a plea for help for themselves, but for everything in their life and lives of those around them. I know prayer works. Years ago, I needed a miracle in my life. God heard the prayers of someone when I could not pray for myself. I thank God for those who prayed for me. Can you imagine the blessing I received when someone I did not know and whom I had never met approached me in the foyer of a church I was visiting, hugged me and said, "I'm so glad to finally meet you! I have been praying for you for two years!"
    Imagine the impact prayer would have on the life of every reader.
    Imagine the impact on the publishing companies.
    Imagine the impact on every writer.
    Prayer changes things.
    Prayer works.