Write the Vision ~ Wednesday

Write the Vision Wednesday

On my way to church Sunday, I remembered an "incident." When my youngest son was about two and a half years old his daycare teacher told me he was not listening. As a consequence, he'd been in time out several times during the day. On the way home I questioned him about his behavior. “Why aren’t you listening?”
And he answered. “I’m listening, I’m just not obeying.”

While I had always thought of that as a humorous story, Sunday it took on a new meaning. I began to think how often I might listen to God—but not obey.

It brought to mind I Samuel 15:22 “to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.” I realized listening without obeying is like a sacrifice not offered. How often had I heard His voice but didn’t follow through. And how many Spritual “time outs” had I experienced because of my stubborn will?

I pray 2012 will be a time where I do what God wants and from this day forward I pray I’ll both listen and obey.

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  1. Your son nailed it, didn't he? How many times I can remember whispering, "I'm listening, Lord" but looking back, I know I was not obeying & that is why I was stuck having to go over the same lessons again and again. Yours is a very timely post, Lisa M. As for myself, I'll be praying for a clear vision and sense enough to obey the first time around.