Passion for Christ

Recently, I was sitting somewhere listening to a speaker. He was obviously intelligent and well versed but I found my mind wandering—yet again. No matter how hard I tried to stay focused, it felt like the words were all strung together in one long stream of monotone.


I looked around me and glassy stares confirmed my suspicion... I wasn't the only one having difficulties embracing this opportunity to learn. As I mulled over the situation, I suddenly thought about the Super Bowl that millions will watch in a few hours. For those who enjoy football, I bet there will not be one pair of sleepy eyes fixed on the screen, no feelings of wanting to be anywhere else, no trouble sitting still. Rather the room will feel like it's charged with expectancy, hope, and frustration when distractions arise. The difference you ask? Passion... passion for the game, your favorite players, for the sense of competition.

Here's another example for those who may not be football fans; have you ever had the chance to watch someone play a musical instrument—someone who had the ability, but no love or inner glow that shines when they play? It's so different that watching someone caress an instrument with their fingers and play from their heart. And you know what... even if they are playing the exact same music, after a bit of time has passed, I find my interest in the first musician will quickly wane, where as I could listen to the second one all day.

That made me think about my relationship with Jesus. Am I still as passionate about Him as I once passionate as those millions of sports spectators today that will spend their precious time watching the Super Bowl or that talented musician that desires to spend countless hours in practice? Have I nurtured my spirit by sitting at His feet, basking in His love, and enjoying His fellowship? Or have I slipped into walking around like a spiritual zombie—living on auto-pilot rather than having a living, vibrant faith born out of a love for Christ.

If I have any hopes of making a difference in this world and reaching others for Christ, I need to rekindle my first love. It's out of my love for Him that other's lives can be impacted with the gospel. If not, I will only be like a clanging cymbal or sounding brass. Sure, I can make lots of noise, but no one will want hear me.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Let' s make sure we take the time to remember the special love that God has for us and in return, lets respond with a rekindled passion for Him and the world around us.


  1. A wonderful, and powerful post, JoAnn! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great example JoAnn. Nurturing my "first love" into a deep, enduring love has to be an everyday thing. Thanks for the reminder to look out for the stupid things that sometimes get in the way ;-)

  3. Great post, JoAnn! And as Valentine's Day approaches, let's all remember to open and enjoy...over and over again...God's special Love Letters to each of us. His Word is the most beautiful, loving Valentine ever, isn't it?

  4. Thanks for stopping by Marianne, Dana & Delia. It's true, His Word is a beautiful Love Letter!

    Happy Valentines!

  5. I love to think of God's Word as His love letter to us, thanks for the reminder, Delia. Beautiful words, JoAnn. I did laugh at some Super Bowl commercials, but to me football is overrated (my apologies to Cornhusker fans).

  6. Lovely post and so true!

    I've missed stopping by the blog to support my fellow roses and am so glad I checked this one - although I'm still late, I'm so proud to be one of such a talented group of authors!