Coming January 21 from White Rose Publishing

Did you love fairy tales as a child? Do you still love them as an adult? I do. One of my favorites is Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen is about a boy, Kai, and a girl, Gerda, who live next door to each other and are close friends until Kai is lured away by the Snow Queen. Gerda decides to find Kai and rescue him. Much of the tale is taken up by her adventures. When she finally does reach the Snow Queen's castle (after angels do battle with snow monsters to clear the way for her. I love that part!) she finds Kai but he is still under the Snow Queen's spell. That's all I'm saying because I don't want to ruin the ending in case there is someone out there who hasn't read the story.

My latest work Snow Blind was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen. My hero Shale, like Kai has been lured away from home by a beautiful but cold woman. Robin, like Gerda must free him from the mysterious woman's hold. And in Snow Blind that hold extends beyond the grave.

Snow Blind takes place in our world today and there is no magic, although angels may be present. Readers will have to decide about that for themselves. Here's a bit about Snow Blind:

A woman scarred by the past...
Spurred by obligation, Robin Spencer drives through blizzard conditions to find the one person she never wanted to see again: Shale Anderson. When her trip turns deadly, Robin's only hope is to trust this man who broke her heart. But can she, when he's more like the dark, reclusive hero in the graphic novels he creates than the caring Shale she once knew?
A man in need of forgiveness...
Shale Andersen is poison. When the only woman he's ever loved shows upon his doorstep, he'll do anything to send her away. If he doesn't, he will end up ruining her life, or worse, killing her—just like every other woman who's ever gotten close to him.
 A danger so complete, it threatens to consume them both...
Robin's only chance at happiness lies in acceptance. Shale's only chance at freedom lies in forgiveness. Can they weather the storm and begin their lives anew, or will someone with a thirst for revenge destroy their future?
Snow Blind will be released by White Rose Publishing on January 21. You can find an excerpt here. It is the second offering in White Rose Publishing's new Christian Gothic line. The first was Into the Grae by Nicola Beaumont. Check these links for more information on Snow Blind, Into the Grae, what Christian Gothic is or Submission Guidelines.


  1. This book sounds so great!! And what a stunning cover. Can't wait to read it, Kara!!! Much success on its release!

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  3. Oh how exciting. Snow Blind promises an intense ride!