Why is romance so hard to keep alive?

I have a rather uncomfortable confession to make… I’ve just discovered I’m a NY Yankee hater. Oh, not for the typical reasons one might hate a baseball team, but rather because of how it seems to steal my husband away.

That’s why when I came to the verse in Teri Wilson’s latest release, Rodeo Redemption, the verse about “enjoying the wife of your youth” made me stop and think. God wants us to work on keeping the romance alive in our own marriages. However, life isn’t a work of fiction. Happily ever after is not guaranteed. It’s hard work!

For those who are married, I don’t know where you’re at in your marriage relationship--you may be on a hill top or in a valley--but one thing I do know…God does care. He doesn’t just want us to survive in our marriage, but to thrive.

Let’s take a few moments today to pray for our spouse, our family and for those who are struggling around us~

*That God would give us love when we feel less then loving
*That He would give us words to communicate rather than just “blow off steam”
*That we would have a soft heart and tenderness towards our spouse.
*That rather than focusing and finding flaws in our mate, we would remember and enjoy the wife/husband of our youth.

I hope as the sun sets tonight, that you'll able to thank God for your spouse--baseball lover and all. :)


  1. Thanks, JoAnn! Keeping the romance isn't always easy, but it sure is necessary to keeping your marriage strong. Great post! :)

  2. I know what you mean JoAnn. My husband has a "sports mistress" too. But I suppose he might feel the same way about how much time I spend on writing. It's good that we can spend time on our own interests, but we have to remember (and I know I sometimes forget) to make time for each other as well. Thanks for the reminder JoAnn.

  3. I have spent virtually the last year as the 'other woman' as the world cup started as soon as the football season finished. It starts again in two weeks time. Before we had kids it was different. Unforutnatly with my eldest being football crazy... hubby now is too.
    It does have its advantage tho, as he watches it upstairs in the bedroom. Means I get to lie on the bed and fall asleep next to him, knowing he won't move til the match is over lol.

  4. What a wonderful post!

    My husband and I would spend what we called "reconnect" time. We'd sit either at the table, on the porch or on the houseboat and talk - sometimes for hours, sometimes all night!

    That is one thing that kept the romance alive in our marriage.

    Another is the little things...leave a little note, buy a card for no reason, run a bath, etc - the little things are what I miss the most.