Do you know about White Rose Publishing's free reads?

I love freebies, don't you? If you're thinking 'yes!' then I have good news for you. White Rose Publishing has a selection of free short reads on their website. Even better, new ones are still being added.

Just this week, "Second Chances" by Cindy K. Green was released.  Here's a bit about the story:
Ellie Westin has waited two years for cowhand Joe Cameron to make her his wife. When he returns from the latest cattle drive, he finds her engaged to another man and about ready to join a wagon train to the Nevada silver mines…unless God gives him a second chance to right his wrongs and ask her the question she’s been waiting so long to hear.

Sampling these free stories is a great way to find new authors you enjoy or to find out what White Rose Publishing is all about. And it's always a bonus to find a free story by an author you already know and love.

One of the free reads on the site is "Catching the Bouquet" which stars some of the characters from my Orchard Hill series. This is a great way to sample a series before you commit your money and time to it.

There's one other way to get free reads - join the White Rose Publishing yahoo group. There are several short stories as well as the serialized novella "Once Upon a Collar" by Teri Wilson,  posted there for members to enjoy.

So why are you still hanging around here? Go, find something you love in the free reads at White Rose Publishing. And once you start with the free reads, I invite you to come back and a leave a review in the comments.


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