What I Love About White Rose Publishing

As Editor-in-Chief, you might think I love everything about White Rose, and the truth is, you'd be mostly right, but two things stand out in my mind from time-to-time, and today, I was thinking about it and thought I'd share...

Besides being wonderful storytellers, our authors are wonderful people. The support each gives to the company and to one another is, I would guess, the best in the biz...and not just when it pertains to the publishing world, but on a more personal, prayerful level. The camaraderie is amazing. When one needs prayer, many more than two gather in His Name to lift that person. When one has a new release or some other excitement to share, all rejoice. We're a business, but business is made up of people, and people...we have some pretty cool people around here.

We're small--growing, but small.--And, as much as I know we are going to grow, and, of  course, am not opposed to it, there's a special something to being small that I hope I don't lose. And that's the fact that I know every author. Maybe I didn't edit their work, but name a title and I can tell you who penned it. The majority of authors have had direct conversations with me, and I like that. I like knowing whose part of this grand adventure in publishing for the Lord. It makes for a great working environment and gives a familial feel to our interaction.

So, there you have it, my ramblings on the day. Let me take this opporunity to say how much I appreciate our authors and staff. Together, I think we make an ab fab team.


  1. And the congregation said: "AMEN."

    Nicola, I feel so blessed to be part of the White Rose Publishing family. Are there "BIGGER" pubs in the world. Sure, sure. I've even worked for one. In its own way, it's great - but here's the thing: I happily trade the "big pubs" in favor of the one-on-one of interactins with you, Lisa, and the rest of the WRP staff. Here I feel like I'm part of something anointed, and blessed. I savor the joy of the author and reader friends I've made throgh WRP. These people have truly become friends.

    So thank you for this post. WRP is a business, definitely, but it's a family as well. Thank you, Nicola - for always taking good care of us, and for striving (and succeeding!) to bring awesome Christian Inspirational fiction to the world. You're building a fantastic publishing house.

  2. Thanks so much for the heartwarming words, Marianne. (Marianne who penned "Hearts Crossing" ;o)). I am glad you're happy to be here.

  3. I also enjoy the small, family atmosphere at WRP. I hope we never lose that : )

  4. Thanks, Robin. I'll certainly do everything I can to ensure we don't lose it.

  5. Nicola, thanks for this beautiful post. Being selected as a White Rose author is absolutely one of the best things in my life. My sincere thanks for that, for the beautiful covers, for the terrific editing...and for taking a chance with me.

    The authors are indeed a terrific bunch. All is so good here!

  6. I think so, too. And I especially like that you know and appreciate your authors, Nicola. It's what keeps me coming back although I'm not a part of White Rose... yet. :D

    Anita Mae.

  7. Thanks, Tanya (Sorry I didn't see your post earlier.)

    Hey Anita. Thanks for that. I'm glad to know you feel welcome...keep trying, you never know when it will happen. :)