Into the Grae: A Review

Into the Grae by Nicola Beaumont is the first book to be released in White Rose Publishing's new Gothic line.  The book blurb reads: Graeme McCracken, Lord Hamel, is cursed. Loving him is deadly, so he vows never again. Never fall in love, never risk another woman. Then he rescues Felicity Worthington and falls in love with the feisty beauty—but his love is fatal. Now, only God can save her…but will He, when He is the very God who cursed Graeme to begin with?

Felicity Worthington is on a mission from God: Kill Graeme McCracken and avenge her friend’s death. But the lord of the manor is strangely alluring and mysteriously magnetic—not at all the cold-hearted murderer painted by her mind’s eye. As she begins to trust, to love, she is devastated to find that Graeme is indeed the Butcher of Beacon Hill. When her life is threatened, she learns that only faith and love can save her from becoming the next victim on the moor.

At 77 pages Into the Grae is a quick read.  But it certainly had the potential to be a full length novel, if the author had chosen to make it one.  As it is, she did a great job of building plot and characters in the scope of the story.  All the typical Gothic elements were included - lonely old house, ancient family servant, brooding hero, innocent heroine and crazed villain.  Felicity is mesmerized by Graeme right from the start and readers will be, too.  His character is a mixture of deep, melodic voice, dark good looks, handsome face and mysterious past.

It is Felicity's faith that allows her to face Graeme, supposedly a heartless murderer, and to eventually realize that he is not to blame for the tragedies that have befallen him. It will be an even greater task for her to convince Graeme to lay aside the guilt he's taken upon himself and convince him that he is worthy of God's love.

The White Rose Publishing's Gothic line is off to a great start with Into the Grae.  I hope we will see more releases in this line soon.  For those readers that enjoy this story, you may want to try The Resurrection of Lady Somerset, another Gothic romance by Nicola Beaumont.


  1. Sounds awesome! I'm excited about watching this new line develop and thrive! The possibilities are endless!

  2. This sounds wonderful, Nicola. Congratulations! Thank you for the great review, Kara.

    I love to read Gothics, but would be lost if I attempt to write one.

    I have a lot of admiration for those who do write them for my enjoyment.

  3. I read INTO THE GRAE and enjoyed it too.