Signs of Easter

I’m not really a flower person, maybe because I have a “black” thumb instead of green. Or maybe because today’s floral arrangements cost a small fortune and don’t last very long. But I do love the Easter Lily, the traditional sign of Easter, spring and renewed life. The lily has many legends associated with it, including ancient myths and symbols of Christianity.

In the early church, the lily was the sign of Annunciation and Resurrection. Relating to the creation story, legend says Eve’s tears grew lilies as she left Eden in disgrace. In the Garden of Gethsemane, lilies grew where Christ’s sweat fell and were deemed “white robed apostles of hope.”

Another legend says Mary’s tomb was found empty three days after her burial, filled only with white lilies. Another story said that lilies were always yellow in color until the virgin Mary stopped to pick one, and thereafter they were white. And white lilies bloomed in the locations that are dear to Christianity, not only Gethsemane but at the site of the Crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus.

Easter is the most holy time of year for Christians, and it’s rapidly approaching. What signs and symbols do you look for at Easter?


  1. Our family loves to use the "Resurrection Easter Eggs" to tell the story of Easter.

    There are twelve eggs, different colored, with little objects inside of them. Each object symbolizes a part of the Resurrection Story and a Bible passage to go with it.

  2. The Easter story begins on Easter morning with my daughter. We always read the gospel account at breakfast then she looks through her bag of goodies (just cause - books, candy, music...) and we share a wonderful day with God. What better way to spend the day celebrating all He's given for us.

  3. Lovely story JoAnn, I hadn't thought much about signs of Easter but one thing I normally associate Easter with is Spring and I am so ready for warmer weather LOL!

    Great post.

  4. Robin, this is so cool. I've never heard any of these stories before. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. At one church we attended the Pastor would right "Alleluia" on slips of paper and had the children put them in a trunk. The trunk was placed under the alter for all of Lent. They did this because in our church we don't sing any hymns with "Alleluia" in them, showing that this a time for solemnity, reflection and repentance. On Easter morning, they get out the trunk, but instead of slips of paper, the trunk if filled with helium balloons that shoot up into the air as soon as the lid is open. The children love it.

  6. These are great traditions : )