Candy, Anyone?

Easter Bunnies, Easter Baskets, candy…candy…candy…

This year, I’m thankful there are so many of these sweets around. It’s not that I want to eat it--well, perhaps that's not totally true--but rather what it reminds me of.

A few weeks ago at Church, a father relayed this true story; he was driving in his car with his son, who happened to have a teenaged size sweet tooth. In this young man’s pocket was a box of Jr. mints and every so often, he would pop one in his mouth. After a while, he turned to his dad and said, "Would you like a piece?"

With a sudden brain storm, the father turned to his son, "Sure."

The boy handed over his treasure and with that, the father rolled down the window and threw the candy out.

"What ya do that for?" the son demanded.

The wise father said, "You know, some times God gives us gifts as well. However, rather than enjoy them-we simply ignore them or throw them away."

I couldn’t get this man’s simple, spur-of-the-moment object lesson out of my mind. I though about it in relation to many aspects of my life, even my writing. Like this young man, sometimes I ignore and/or take for granted what God has entrusted to me. Worse than that, I realized that at times, I don’t even acknowledge that any gifts, abilities, and treasures I have are from God. I did nothing to earn them--it’s not about me, yet if I’m not careful, I find myself taking the glory. Oh, my foolish pride!

What would the world look like if His children didn’t ignore or abuse the gifts He’s given us, but offered them back to Him, giving Him the honor and glory? As we prepare for this Easter season, may our hearts be open to receive and acknowledge all the good gifts God has given us…starting with His Son, Jesus.

The next time you see a piece of candy, I hope you’ll think of this man’s story, and check your hearts window. What are you doing with the treasures God has given to you?


  1. Nice story! May I have a piece of candy?

  2. Robin,
    You have a lot of gifts, I mean, uh...candy...already. :)

  3. Wow. Thanks for sharing that. I can't even begin to image what this world would be like if we all used the gifts God gave us for His purpose. How awesome would that be. Unfortunately, I have to admit I have been guilty of ignoring.

  4. As you may be able to tell, "Wow" was my reaction too.

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Amy.

  5. Such "sweet" words of wisdom.... Wonderful post!

  6. God bless you! I hope someone who reads this story really gets the message and accepts that gift!

  7. sorry I'm late posting. This is a beautiful lesson & testimony.

    Thanks for reminding me to acknowledge and be thankful for ALL blessings and gifts!