Of dogs and shoes...

In September of last year, I became the proud "mom" of a new puppy. My only child had just left for college, so it seemed the perfect time to bring a new addition into the family. And dogs don't leave for college, so I was fairly certain I wouldn't have any crying jags in Saks Fifth Avenue when the puppy grew up.

Not that I did that after my son left.


Anyway...all my life I had wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I love those dogs and they pop up in my writing from time to time, as anyone who has read my newest White Rose ~ Cup of Joe ~ can attest. I searched high and low to find the right puppy. When I did, I brought her home and promptly named her Bliss. Bliss is also the dog's name in Cup of Joe. I will admit this has caused some confusion. Lots of people who read the book think I based the character on the real-life Bliss. Readers also think the dog on the cover of the book is mine. I tell them no. The flesh and fur version is cuter.

Really. She is.

One of the things I love about Cavaliers is the trademark feathering on their feet. What I never realized until I had one of my own is just how high maintenance that feathering can be. If I take Bliss for a walk around the block, she comes home gray from the elbows down. Her feet look like she rolled around on newspapers all day.

So, I have come up with the perfect solution. * DOG SHOES *

Brilliant, no?

Not only are they fashionable, it appears they actually serve a purpose. Unfortunately, dogs are not automatically comfortable walking around in shoes. (Imagine that?!) So, I am training Bliss to wear her shoes so she'll wear them like a pro. She gets treats every time she wears them. It's kind of like a woman practicing walking in stilettos. I imagine if someone gave me a chocolate-covered-cherry every time I took a step in a pair of Manolo Blahniks, I'd be good to go.

Take a look at Bliss learning how to wear her shoes (Warning! Major cuteness alert!!!):

What are these?

Hmm. Not going so well.


I wish I would have known about the shoe thing when I wrote Cup of Joe. I could have gotten some serious mileage out of this.

If you haven't read Cup of Joe, it's a fun read with a really cute dog. Oh yea! A great romance, too! Got Romance Reviews even called it a "masterpiece." (Seriously, they did!). And if that doesn't sound like your cup of joe, er tea, I've also written a fun story about shoes. And it's free! Just visit White Rose Publishing to learn more.

Cup of Joe
By Teri Wilson

Goldie thinks she’s prepared for the death of her doting Grandpa who’s raised her since childhood. But after his passing, she finds herself curled up on the sofa watching television, feet clad in fuzzy slippers. She knows God has a new plan for her life, but she's simply too tired to figure out what it is.

To make matters worse, sweet, shy coffee shop owner, Joe Montgomery, keeps showing up on her doorstep with morning coffee. When she tells him emphatically she doesn’t like coffee—never has and never will—he shows up with a dog instead!

As she takes steps to start a new life, with her new puppy scampering playfully at her side, Goldie begins to realize a cup of Joe just might be what she’s needed all along.

A Perfect Fit
Free Read by Teri Wilson

Grace is mortified when she falls right off her stilettos in front of the man of her dreams...but it just may be the one thing this shoe-addicted young woman needs to find her perfect fit.


  1. cute, cute!
    Congrats on all of your successes.
    May God grant you much more!

  2. Bliss is just sooooooo cute! And 'Cup of Joe' deserves all that praise :-)

  3. Ginger, our Golden, has boots to wear in the snow. It bothers her when the snow clumps up in between her toes. It would be great IF she'd wear them. However, when we put them on her, she lifts up each foot so intentionally-- she looks like a marionette puppet! I'm NOT kidding. The poor thing--she hates her boots. But hopefully, Bliss will come to enjoy her shoes in time. :)

  4. Bliss is adorable. And the shoes! LOL Does she try to take them off? Bite at the laces? Has she made it outside in them?

    Oh and congratulations on your poem and your win with Cup of Joe. Woohoo!

  5. Thanks ya'll. Little Bliss is a one-dog PR machine for Cup of Joe. She's so cute - people just like to look at pictures of her. :)

    She will walk outside with the shoes on her front 2 feet. I have''t tried the ones on her back feet yes. Fortunately, she has the world's shortest attention span. If she starts to look at the shoes like she wants to bite them, all I have to do is say her name and wave something in front of her face (anything will do - even something ordinary like a leaf or a rock) and she forgets she has them on. She is a riot.