Whose Head are We in, Anyway?

Our poll “Hero, Heroine or Both? Whose Point-of-View do you prefer?” has come to a close. We asked the following questions:

Who’s point of view do you prefer? The tally, after 97 votes came in as such:

72.2 percent like both Hero's and Heroine's
17.5% prefer the heroine’s POV only, as told in first person
5.2% have no preference when it come to POV
An equal percentage prefer the hero’s POV only, with third person and first person points of view tying at 2.1% each
And finally, only 1% of voters like the heroine’s point of view exclusively as told in third person.

Interesting! The majority of those polled like to see both the heroine’s and hero’s points of view.

Our next poll takes a look at edgy Christian romance as opposed to traditional Christian romance. Which do you prefer? Let us know!


  1. Nicola, what do you prefer? If both, is there a good breakdown (50/50, 60/40) or does it all depend on the story? I tend to find myself "stuck" in ther hero's POV and have to go back and write in more heroine.

  2. Hey Elizabeth,

    As an editor, I try not to have a preference, but rather to look at each submission as though I were the type of reader who likes that sort of story.

    As a reader, I prefer both points of view. I like getting to know both the hero and the heroine--learning what makes them tick, what their inner struggles are.

    As far as the percentage breakdown, it's got to be close to an even split, although I think 60/40 would work for some stories. It's a "feel," really. If I'm reading a story that incorporates both PsOV, and then I feel as though I've been "taken away" from one of them for too long, then there's a problem with the balance. I know that's not a very definite answer, but I hope it makes a little sense. :)