Author Spotlight on JoAnn Carter

Today, we're spotlighting White Rose author, JoAnn Carter. Please, take a moment to enjoy getting to know JoAnn as we have. You'll not be disappointed!

WRP: Where are you from?

JC: Originally, I'm from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. However, in 2001 we moved to Vermont.

WRP: You're latest release is a short story. Tell us about it. JC: By the Book was the first story I ever had published (2007). It was released through a small publishing house which has since gone out of business. I was thrilled when White Rose Publishing offered me a contract on it. I've had the pleasure of working with a teriffic editor, Elizabeth West. She's amazing! What a blessing it has been to work with her. So while this book has the same fun plot, it will be polished to a shine thanks to Elizabeth's efforts. Here a brief summary:

Perky 24 year-old police dispatcher, Sarah Murphy, is held captive by images of her past. She doesn't trust men and is determined to hold on to her heart at all costs. Lieutenant Dylan Eldredge of the Hampton Police Department believes she’s the woman God has intended for him and is equally determined to have her for his wife. But can he prove he’s the man for her?

I've dedicated this book to my sister, Cheryl. In the past she worked as a police dispatcher. She was instrumental in helping me understand their roles and responsibilitites. I also dedicated this book to God, my Savior. To Him be the glory.

WRP: How did you come up with the title?

JC: By the Book is a play on words. You know how in those detective shows they always said, "Book'um." That holds to the idea that Police officer's go by the book--well, there's even a greater book that we need to consider. It's God's word. Thus the title; By the Book.

WRP: In addition to By the Book, you've recently seen another short story release. Tell us about that

JC: Sweet Rest was released 5/22/09. Here's the back cover blurb:

Soft spoken, twenty-eight-year-old Mike Anderson prepares to join his brother on a short-term mission trip to Florida. Here he plans on helping build new facilities for New Hopes Mission Agency. However, before he leaves, Mike learns there was an accident at the building site. Now the person who was injured is missing. Could these two incidents be mere coincidence or is something more sinister at work? And then there is the five-two spit-fire, Leah Rizzo, with whom he agreed to swap photography projects. Taking her with him could prove to be the colossal mistake of his lifetime—or perhaps God has a plan even in the midst of the mystery that shrouds the project.

This was another fun book to write. The idea came about when someone challenged me to write a book where the heroine who was atypical from the romance books I had written in the past. She wanted to see an agressive female. Hence, Leah Rizzo.

WRP: What book are you reading now?

JC: On the side I write book reviews for our local Christian Radio station so I'm in the middle of a few titles. Unleashing Courageous Faith by Paul Coughlin, and Finding an Unseen God by Alicia Britt Chole are what I'm working through now. But, for a special treat today I bought a title from White Rose Publishing, Forever From Paris. I can't wait to dig into it! Inspirational Romance is my favorite.

WRP: What is your next project? I have many projects in the works, but the one you'll hear about next here at White Rose Publishing is a short story called, Smuggler of the Heart. Here's a short blurb:

Disheartened and tired, Samantha Warren returns to Vermont during the winter break. Her passion for history rekindles after finding an old smuggler’s chest hidden in her grandparents' attic. Will she be able to return to New Jersey without her heart being smuggled like the chest once was? Or is it already too late?

WRP: How can readers contact you? Do you have a website?

JC: I love to hear from readers. They can contact me by e-mailing, jo.glenncarter @ or by visiting my web page:


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  1. Hi JoAnn and nice to meet you. It's always fun to hear how authors get the inspiration and details for their novels.

    Question on your atypical heroine - I think it's fun to have someone a little "outside the box" but how much trouble did you have getting that idea accepted for publication?

    Good luck with all your projects!

  2. Elizabeth,

    Great question!

    Actually, having an atypical heroine was no more (or less) difficult than having the idea accepted by WRP. I think that's becuase when you really think about it, there is no such thing as a 'typical' person. God has made each one of us unique. Even the regular Joe has quirks that makes him/her different.

    To me, that's one of the best parts of writing, character development. You get to have fun on choosing what kind of quirks the folks in your story will have. :)

    What's your favorite part of writing?