Inspirational Assumptions

Isn't it interesting to talk with people and ask them what they think inspirational fiction entails (I am talking about the people who don't read it normally). I had a great conversation this week. I was talking with a friend about a new White Rose manuscript coming out and how excited I was about it. I got the rolling of the eye routine which immediately let me know I had some convincing to do. I asked why she didn't like inspirational and the answer was that she doesn't like being preached to. After all she gets that on Sunday morning when she is sitting in the pew. I was quiet for a moment as I thought of how to answer. I finally asked a very simple question. Are you a Christian; do you see me as one? She got a rather indignant look on her face and answered of course. Hummmmm, is that all we do? We just run around preaching. Nothing else ever happens in our life? (I now had her attention so I continued.) Did you date your husband before you got married? Did your heart ever race when he held your hand? Was your wedding day an incredible climax? It was now her turn to be silent and then finally to admit her heart still raced.

My point - isn't it wonderful that we have a God who lets us experience 'real' life. As Christians, we get to experience it all. There is the history from whence we came, there is sometimes a mystery we need to solve, and there is every day living. Then along with the 'real' life we also get to experience a relationship with Christ and entwine that with all of these experiences. How wonderfully cool is that?

So, the ending of the story is that my friend took home every Reveille and Taps (Kim Mendoza's stories) because with a military background, I thought she could relate them first. She finished one the first night home and I have already promised the rest I have on my shelf and emailed her our website.

Yep, God is good!

Blessings and happy writing - from one happy editor!


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