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Working for a company that cares about its authors is a really great thing. When our owners, Rhonda and RJ, opened our sister company, The Wild Rose Press, in 2006, they wanted to be a "Kinder, gentler publisher." As publishers with limited release slots, we have to reject a lot of manuscripts. Anyone who's been rejected for any reason knows how difficult it is to be on the receiving end of that. So, Rhonda & RJ, wanted to make sure to keep the bite out of the sting as much as possible. That philosophy of being a kinder, gentler publisher carries over to White Rose Publishing, and it's one of the reasons I enjoy my job...I know, about now, you're asking, "What's this got to do with free reads?" I just thought that title would catch your attention. (Just kidding! Keep reading. :) )

As much as we try to take care of our authors and potential authors here at White Rose Publishing, we also want to take care of our loyal readers. There are a lot of publishers out there producing some really great books. We recognize that we are privileged when you choose to purchase one of our titles. Because of that, and as a huge "Thank you" to our loyal readers, we are going to do something special just for you. Sometime in late summer/early fall, White Rose Publishing is going to serialize an entire novella to the readers loop--exclusively. This book will not be released via regular channels at all. It is solely for the readers who support WRP by being members of our readers' loop. Once the entire book has been released (in weekly installments), it will no longer be available.

In the meantime, before the special novella is released, members of the loop will receive special free-reads in the form of short stories. (You've seen the free reads we offer on our catalogue. The free stories distributed to the readers' loop will be similar, but you won't be able to get them anywhere else.) So...if you or any of your friends are eager for free reads (and who isn´t, right?) Click here to join our readers' group.

It's free to join, and you'll receive free short stories and a free novella in addition to the latest scoop on what's going on at White Rose Publishing.

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  1. Sign up for the readers group, and enjoy the novella! The stories here are just awesome!! Like me, you'll be hooked. :-)