Holy Week: Palm Sunday

Passion Sunday. The beginning of Holy Week. Today Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey to shouts of hosannas. He is followed and adored just mere days before those same shouts morph into cries of, “Crucify Him!”

Have you ever pondered how quickly humans are to turn on one another? How easily it is for a person to fall from grace and into exile, even when the person is innocent and the opinion of the masses is based on rumour and speculation or misunderstanding—or outright lies?  We are quick to judge and slow to forgive. We are instantaneously riled to anger and devoid of kindness. Yet, we’re called to be the opposite, aren’t we? Doesn’t the Scripture instruct us to be slow to anger and to abound in mercy, (If we are to be Christ-like)?

This day, as we inch towards Resurrection, let’s call to mind the times we have been quick to judge or have withheld forgiveness. Let’s think on the times we have not shown mercy, and let’s call to mind the times we have been lukewarm or hypocritical— praising one moment and condemning the next, perhaps without just deliberation.

And then, let’s repent of those acts; vow to be better, kinder, more merciful; and join Jesus on the via dolorosa.

Today begins Jesus’ journey towards the cross in a way that is most profound. He will pay the price for our unforgiving behaviour, our lack of mercy, our hypocrisy and unjustness. He asks but one thing: for us to go and sin no more.

Let's pray: Lord, help me to remember and repent of those times when I have harmed others by my unjust judgement or unkindness. Make me steadfast in my faith so that I may never praise Jesus one moment and turn my back on Him the next. Help me to hand over my sin to Jesus and to help Him carry it to the Cross. Forgive me and help me never to commit these same sins again.


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