Make-A-Story™ Monday - This Week's Writing Prompt

Writing to spec – you’ve heard the term. It means writing what the
publisher wants. Can you do it? In our new feature - Make-A-Story™, we ask you
to create a story with these elements. The story can be set in any time frame,
any length, must adhere to our guidelines and have our standard Christian world

A doe and fawn in the backyard

A tricycle

A hot air balloon

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  1. The Ride of a Life Time

    I love this time of year, stepping out on the back porch to watch the rainbow of color pass over our house, hot air balloons of every shape, size and color can be seen. The sun in all its glory, temps in the high 80's, a prefect day for Balloon Fest which takes place every mid July in our town.

    “Kids come see the balloons. They have a dinosaur one this year. Shall we go chase them? When you chase a balloon you fallow its path to were it lands and tithers, sometimes you can even go for a ride in one.”

    “Yes, mommy lets chase them I want to go high in the sky!” Four little voices answer.

    “Ok, get your shoes and lets go. Hurry get in the car.”

    The kids quickly obey, that's a first, but the sight of the balloons and the thought of a ride spurs them on. I too hurry with my shoes, while running to the car I am busy looking up trying to decide which one we should fallow and the next thing I know I am sprawled on the ground. The kids tricycle on the walk way to the driveway and I managed to trip over it. Everything seems to work, though I do feel a few aches and pains, but I get in the car and off we go.

    'Kids watch the big orange and blue one and tell me where it goes.” Driving for 30 minutes or so I hear.

    “Turn right mommy it is headed for the church.” my kids holler.

    I make the turn and sure enough the big balloon is slowly coming down in a field about a block from the church. I drive to the field. We all get out and watch as the balloon makes its landing and people scramble to tither it down. The old captain of the ship sees the kids wide eyes and asks, “Do you children want to go up?”

    “Can we? PLEASE mommy can we?”

    “Ok, but do exactly what he says.”

    The crew lifts them over the side of the basket, they all grab onto the ropes.
    “Coming miss?” the captain holds out his hand. I shrug and climb in. There is a blast of fire and the balloon lifts off. It stays tethered to the ground but goes up a couple hundred feet.

    “Look you can see the whole town from up here! I think I see our back yard!” calls my oldest.

    “Hey whats that in the back yard?” I say trying to look closer.

    The captain sees where we are pointing and stirs the ship closer that direction, taking out a pair of binoculars “By golly it's a couple of deer.”

    “Look twins a doe and a fawn, the momma must be close by.” my son says.

    ”Right in the city, I never would have imagined.”The captain grins.

    I love how GOD teaches us to view life through the eyes of a child.