Make-A-Story™ - Monday's Writing Prompt

Writing to spec – you’ve heard the term.  It means writing what the publisher wants.  Can you do it?  In our new feature - Make-A-Story™, we ask you to create a story with these elements.  The story can be set in any time frame, any length, must adhere to our guidelines and have our standard Christian world view.   

An eagle

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  1. Off the cuff:

    The dryer slowly whirred in the background as Rose set the old copper pot atop the stove to start the rice pudding. Heavy snow fell silently outside the large window in the kitchen. Rose distractedly ran her fingers through her long hair and watched as an eagle soared gracefully in between the fat flakes. Her heart yearned to be free and fly away, up and out into the snowy cold depths on that early December morning. She turned back to her pot, clenching the wooden spoon as she stirred the tiny grains of rice. She realized her teeth had been worrying the same small area over and over and her lip began to hurt. She leaned back from the warm stove and peeked into the tiny room off the kitchen. Patrick was still sleeping peacefully. Tears stung her eyes as she thought of the $25.00 they still needed and the tiny quakes the lack of it would cause.