Write the Vision ~ Wednesday

Once upon a time in a kingdom faraway, King Colon met Queen Comma and they wed. A child was born to this couple--a hybrid child, Princess Semicolon. Everyone hated this baby that was neither like Queen Comma nor King Colon. The lords and ladies of Grammarland wanted to hide her away.

“I have a purpose.” Princess Semicolon said. “When the Coordinating Conjunctions, the FANBOYs, aren’t present, I can take Mother's place and join two independent clauses. When Queen Comma is overused, I can provide clarity.” 

King Colon was pleased to see that the Knights of the Conjunctive Adverb wished to stand by his special daughter; and to this very day, Sir However, Sir Therefore, Sir Nevertheless, Sir Moreover, Sir Furthermore, and Sir Subsequently stand behind their honored Princess Semicolon.

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all punctuation is created equal.

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  1. Great way to explain to even my college-level students!