Ruby Dawn to be Released in German

Being a part of Pelican Book Group is always a blessing (even when it's one of those rare God-if-this-is-how-you-treat-your-friends blessings [you know what I'm talking about. :) ]). Today, though, we have a special announcement -- a "feel good" blessing -- and when better to announce that than during the most holy week of the year?

Verlag der Francke Buchhandlung, a Christian book publisher located in Marburg, Germany, will publish the German translation of Raquel Byrnes's RUBY DAWN. The German-language edition of RUBY DAWN is expected to be released some time in 2013. RUBY DAWN, which is the second in the Shades of Hope series, as well as PURPLE KNOT, the first in the series, are both currently available for sale (check out our website or all the usual places such as Amazon).

BAYOU BLUE, book three, will be released by Pelican Book Group (White Rose Publishing) in August 2012.(Don't miss it!)

As each day passes at Pelican Book Group, I am amazed at where God takes us. He is truly amazing! Thanks to all who help us to spread His goodness through literature (in English...and soon in German, too!). Whether you're staff, author, or reader, we couldn't do what we do without you.

Click here to view the official press release.

Have a blessed week.
Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-Chief


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