Monday Make-A-Story ™ This week's writing prompt

Writing to spec – you’ve heard the term.  It means writing what the publisher wants.  Can you do it?  In our Monday writing prompt feature - Make-A-Story ™, we ask you to create a story with these elements.  The story can be set in any time period, any length, must adhere to our guidelines and have our standard Christian world view.
Submit your story to us at any time using our regular submission guidelines, but be sure to note which Make-A-Story ™ prompt (note the date and the prompts) inspired your story.    

Today's prompt:
A surprise snowball fight
Hot apple cider
A cat


  1. May 30, 2011, Cat prompt.
    9 LIVES FOR Ever...

    He found her in the front yard of the house.
    A cruel north atlantic icy wind greedily whipped across her face. Fingers frozen to an menancing pink threatened her person as she walked to the front door with him cuddled safely in her arms.

    AS she entered the door with one hand, holding her bundle of joy safely in her arms with the other, he cuddled even closer. The shivering had slowed, and the creature was purring softly . Looking up towards her face, a soft wet back nose, poked its way toward the crook of her elbow, and at the same time stealing her heart.
    Out of her arms an ebony of fur , fluff, the sadly neglected fur bearer creature emerged.

    Deena knew she had to get kitty warm, and fast..His shivering continued, alarming Deena to think quickly what else she could do.
    She knew Lliam was still at the local vet hospital , was probably still at the clinic tending to some of his overnight animals.
    Rubbing her hands together, she then quickly reached into her pocket for her mobile phone, thanking her forethought in keeping his number on speed dial.
    On the third ring, a deep voice sounding weary and needing a good hot cup of coffee, answered.
    His voice never ceased to stop the excited thud thump of her heart, at his voice.
    Quickly she explained that she had found a stray cat in her driveway, clearly a drop off, .
    It was appalling that someone could abandon an animal and be so irresponsible, the irritation clear in her voice, as it shook with with emotion.
    Lliam agreed with her, told her to gently wrap him in warmed towels, and fill a hot water bottle with warm water, wrapped and kept close to him will help.
    He would be able to see Deena and her new 'guest' first thing in the morning.
    Sighing with appreciation, she thanked him, and snapped the phone shut.
    It was so hard to read him at times she thought as she prepared the towels and had water heating in the electric kettle. "Is he interested in me, or not" she wondered. Softly a warmer nose poked at her hand, urging her to stroke his matted and scraggly coat. Huge green eyes blinked up at her, seemingly to affirm her in though query, was it her imagination, or did the look on kittys face seem to be saying a firm yes.

    "Well, kitty you seem to know something I don't" she mused as she still gently stroked the shivering feline .
    Humm thought Deena, all I can think to name you is "ohbejoyful", a mouthful but seemingly befitting. So, objoyful it is .. green eyes closed in contentment, agreeing with her she fancied...

  2. still writing the child, hat and lightning storm one...but this one has grabbed me too.