New Release: Child of My Heart

This week, we're honoured to welcome Merry Stahel. Child of My Heart is Merry's first White Rose Publishing release, and she brings us a unique tale of sacrificial love...

Hannah didn’t expect to be raising her mother’s surrogate child. But Baby Seth’s parents also died, and he has no one else...Until Uncle Aaron shows up, demanding that Hannah give up her half-brother to his family, since genetically, Seth is their son.

Can the love of one tiny baby unite two families?


  1. What a unique idea for a story. I'm amazed by the variety in the romance genre and the critics who still insist all romance stories are based on a formula.

    Congratulations Merry! I look forward to reading Child of My Heart.

  2. Thank you Kara. I had fun writing the "waht if?" scenario. ~ Merry ~